Sold?: Incoming Message From The Big Cadbury Head

September 24, 2009 by  
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We like our chocolate to come with a lesson, so we were delighted to see the new Cadbury ad that taught us that chocolate is good, but paying Ghanaian farmers low wages is bad.

If you were paying attention to the ad breaks in last week’s X Factor then you will have seen it and there’s not a gorilla or a wobbly eyebrow in sight and especially no trucks running riot in an airport car park.

Here’s the breakdown: somewhere in Ghana, a giant head with cocoa beans on top floats around getting the locals excited. Incidentally, the head totally reminds us of the Uka Uka mask from the Crash Bandicoot games. Anyone?

One bean from the floating head flies off and explodes into fireworks from which comes Ghanaian singing sensation Tinny with the hit song Zingolo.

Everybody dances around for a bit and then an ultra happy guy smiles at the end.

Yes we know; it’s not as fun or as kooky as Cadbury’s previous ads because this one actually has a point. Cadbury are celebrating their suppliers in Ghana and promoting Fair Trade chocolate. Even if the ad doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense, we give props to Cadbury for giving it a go.

But it’s got some fun moments in there too: dancers wriggling across the floor and doing break dancing 48 seconds in is pretty impressive.

It’s also something that the OTB team were convinced that they could also do after a few too many. Two sprained ankles and several bumped heads later, we realised we better leave it to Ghanaian guys in the ad.

Kudos to Cadbury for supporting their workers. Cadbury, we salute you.

Emily Moulder