Off The Hook Review: Growing Pains

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tv-stars-2halfOFF THE HOOK: Thursday 24th September, BBC3, 8pm Alert Me

University is all about having fun; drinking, sex, drugs and rock and roll.

And the occasional lecture.

Yet Off The Hook has managed to suck all the fun out of university and and somehow turn it into a childish imitation of British comedies.

There are all kinds of wacky shenanigans and crazy misunderstandings amongst a group of fresh faced flatmates in their first year of uni.

Except it’s only marginally funny and the acting is amateur at best.

Danny Morgan has just started his new life at Bankside University when old school friend Shane also gets a place via clearing. Danny soon develops a crush on funky flatmate Scarlett but things quickly turn sour as Danny is a walking disaster zone.

In tonight’s episode Danny loses his photography project thanks to Shane but he has the chance to take pictures of Scarlett while she doesn’t know she’s being photographed. Shane’s also worried about a strange mole on his arse.

Yeah, quality stuff here people.

The only recognizable face in this crowd of newcomers is James Buckley, better known as Jay in the much funnier The Inbetweeners. He’s playing ultra depressed and possibly suicidal Fred, which doesn’t exactly play to James’ strengths.

Genuine laughs are few and the dialogue is that of a first time screenwriter; full of clumsy, obvious set ups with boring pay offs. What’s more shocking is that Off The Hook is the brainchild of the genius behind 2007’s dark British comedy Death At A Funeral, Dean Craig.

One good think I can say it that it’s got a good soundtrack and it has decent direction. At the end of the day, it doesn’t do anything new but we suppose it’s an OK way to spend half an hour.

Emily Moulder

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