Peep Show To Go Downhill? You Heard It Here First…

September 23, 2009 by  
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When we reviewed the excellent new Peep Show last week, we suggested that many long-running comedies often start to lose steam as they go past their seventh series.

Examples are numerous, but we would refer anyone who doubts OTB’s rule of ‘prolonged comedy reduction’ to the final seasons of Friends.

In a sensational interview with the BBC, Sam Bain, one of the writers for the Peep Show has thrown his weight behind our claims.

“Our philosophy is that as much as fear as possible is good because if you get complacent then you’re dead.

“In the first series, it was the fear that the show would be a failure and now the fear is that the show is going to go downhill and become a bloated and bad excuse for itself.”

Well he couldn’t come out and say: “Our programme is about to get much worse?, could he…

Don’t panic Peep Show fans! The show is not past it’s best just yet – check out the OTB verdict on its fresh offering…