JLC: ‘Bruce Forsyth Should Quit’

September 23, 2009 by  
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Justin Lee Collins has told BBC News that he thinks Strictly Come Dancing presenter Bruce Forsyth is too old to front the show.

“I still think Bruce in his day was the best at what he did, but I think he should have given up three or four years ago,”

Oooh, them’s fighting words! We could hardly believe that JLC would have a pop at an 81 year old TV legend, but then we saw that he might be holding a grudge.

JLC spoke about the first time he met Brucie and said that the encounter wasn’t exactly pleasant. Bruce was rude and quite short with JLC who was new to live TV at the time.

“I loved him and they do say never meet your idols because you’re always going to be disappointed and in the case of Bruce I was disappointed. He was very rude.”

JLC has made the comments while promoting his new book and they coincide with the ongoing debate over age and sex related bias on telly. Arlene Phillips and Anne Robinson have spoken out against favouring hot young totty and the problems that Alesha Dixon has had about being Arlene’s replacement on Strictly.