Alesha Dixon: ‘I’m The Most Qualified Judge’

September 22, 2009 by  
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Alesha Dixon, Strictly Come Dancing’s replacement for Arlene Phillips, has spoken about how she thinks she is top dog when it comes to judging.

The singer told Strictly’s behind the scenes show, It Takes Two, that she is more qualified to judge the contestants because of her own experience with the show.

“People forget that I had four months in solid training with a world champion – ten hours a day.”

Hmmmm. Four months training? Wow, what an accomplishment. It really makes the decades of experiences that the other judges have look like peanuts.

“It’s not like I have just been picked off the street to judge a dancing show. The important thing to remember is that I do know what I am talking about.”

Oh button it, Dixon.

Arlene Phillips was booted off the show and replaced by Dixon amidst rumours of ageism on television but fans aren’t convinced of her judging abilities.

Dixon had previously told the Radio Times that, “Having competed on the show, I’m the only judge who understands what the celebrity dancers are going through.” Oh get a hold of yourself love, you’re not the only person in the world who can dance you know!

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alison shellard says:

The most qualified judge?!!! How arrogant and disrespectful to Len, Craig, Bruno and Arlene. She needs some insight. I love her as a contestant and as a singer, but we all need to know what our qualities are. Bring back Arlene, who is sorely missed or should she decline (quite possible after how she was treated) ask Karen Hardy or Camilla Fostrop. Both are ‘qualified’ , a joy to watch, experienced and fun! Alesha is completely lacking the tecnical knowledge required. Strictly Clueless!!!

joepaxton says:

I thought everyone knew that Arlene was removed because the PC obsessed bbc could not tolerate an all white judge panel.

Nads says:

Why dont u button it instead? Alesha is ace. She didnt say she was the best she said she had experience and she’s been through it. Stop twisting her words u throwback! Alesha brings a whole new audience with her like me. Why would I want to wtach Arlene or Len or Bruno or Craig? They’re pants. Bruce F is way past his sellby date and he’s still on it. Strictly needs fresh blood and Alesha is it! Get over urself! She’s a darn site better dancer than ud ever be!