X Factor Roundup: Week 5

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hood 210x300We’re nearing the boot camp episodes now kids, so we should soak up all the talented goodness that we can before half the participants are taken out back and shot.

Sunday’s episode was the final installment in the audition section of the show and it didn’t disappoint.

But let’s remind ourselves of Saturday’s episode where there was a surprising amount of talent.

He’s super hot, a talented singer and American. It’s Ethan Boroian; a 19 year old student who’s yummy good looks and sexy voice make him a winner in our pants.

I mean books!

Ethan sang Use Somebody by The Kings Of Leon and rocked the house.

Danni seemed to like him, subtly eyeing him up like he was a 12oz steak.

Marginally talented stripper-lookalikes, Kandy Rain, made it through (there’s a huge surprise) and Harmony Hood busted a groove with their a Capella version of Love Lockdown. Treyc Cohen proved that she’s got brass pipes when she impressively belted out I’m Every Woman.

Another contestant that had been on a previous series returned to get a second chance. Dominic Harris made it to the judge’s house in 2007 but nerves got the best of him. He picked himself up again and sang Chris Brown’s With You.

Our next couple, It Takez 2, started their singing careers by working at Pontins before making their way up to working at Alton Towers. Katie and Russell sang I’ll Be There but the judges favoured Katie’s voice over Russell’s feral growling sounds. Simon and Co made it clear that Katie was the real winner and that Russell was lucky to have her. There could be trouble ahead…

While the X Factor is just a singing contest, we appreciate the contestants that put a little movement into their performances. Richard Green wants to spread peace and love with his music but instead gave us all a boost by busting a move to Word Up. Unsurprisingly he didn’t make it through but if you missed it, check out his crazy eyes and his badass dance moves.

Now we know Simon can’t resist a pretty face but we think he didn’t know what to make of Faye Bray, the prison schoolteacher. Faye is a fame ho and wants desperately to be papped (if that’s what the kids are calling it these days) and thinks she could use her fame to save abused children and donkeys. Because nothing says ‘take me seriously’ more than walking onto a stage in a basque and suspenders.

Cheryl was speechless but Simon managed to muster up some encouraging words for Faye.

Sunday’s episode proved to be just as entertaining. Them 2 were two middle aged men who Simon described as looking like ‘they were controlled by remote control’. Not exactly what they were hoping to hear but the gruesome twosome strutted off the stage to sing another day. Another pair that could have done with staying at home were Casyr: cousins Lauren and Nathan think that the key to their success is their family bond.

No, it’s not.

On Saturday’s episode, little old lady contestant Eileen Chapman auditioned a capella and impressed the judges with her sweetness. And her affection for Simon was just plain funny, especially when she said she’d like him for her ‘joy boy’.

Well on Sunday she returned with a backing track as per Simon’s request but unfortunately she didn’t make it through. Awwwww.

But it just kept getting better and better as her flirting with Simon ended with her telling him that she could teach him a thing or two. Maybe one of those things could be how to wear your trousers below your collarbone.

Aimee Buck, a personal trainer from Newcastle, struggled with nerves when she performed Falling by Alicia Keyes. After fumbling the words and crying, Cheryl got on stage and supported her as she tried her hand at I’ll Stand By You. And with a bit of emotional bribery she made it through.

Cheryl was also supported of Popstars: The Rivals winner, Daniel Pearce who won a place with A Kiss From A Rose.

Scott James made a real impression on the crowd when the 21 year old autism sufferer sang You Raise Me Up. For years he struggled to leave his house and so it was uber emotional to see him perform in front of thousands of people. His voice is fantastic and is definitely one to watch.

And finally, Curtis Moore is a teenage tearaway with a superstar swagger. He’s electronically tagged but wowed the crowd with Chris Brown’s Let Me Love You. Though his attitude nearly got him in trouble with Simon, he made it through.

Roll on boot camp!

Emily Moulder