Pray The Devil Back To Hell Review: War, What Is It Good For?

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tv-stars-4halfpray 300x210TRUE STORIES – PRAY THE DEVIL BACK TO HELL: Tuesday 22nd September, Channel 4, 10pm ALERT ME

We don’t have to look very hard to find news articles about terrorists, bomb plots, exit strategies and troop deployment.

They’re in every newspaper we pick up, every news channel and website.

But this is because it’s a conflict that includes us all.

Yet we’re willing to bet that only 1 out of 10 people (if that) can tell us something about the conflict in Liberia.

Gini Reticker’s documentary follows a group of women who experienced Hell on Earth but found the strength to stand up and fight for peace.
Women who stood up to governments in the face of rape, murder and destruction to put an end to poverty, suffering and a corrupt dictator.

If you’re uncomfortable watching or hearing about suffering then this will be difficult viewing for you but this is no reason not to tune in. We are led through archive footage of the conflict by Leymah Gbowee, founder of the Women in Peace and Security Network.

The women have already suffered through the problems with conflict diamonds, corrupt Governments, rebel fighting, child soldiers and rape.

Leymah’s own experiences of rebel fighters and private military units inspire her to begin a grassroots movement to end the fighting and depose Liberian President, Charles Taylor.

Everywhere she spoke, women joined her and it was the first time that Muslim and Christian women worked together towards a goal. Using only the non-violent methods they could without being arrested, their efforts included sit ins, sex bans and threatening to curse police officers.

The courage of the people involved with Leymah’s movement is truly inspiring as they risked everything in order to save the country they love. Whilst watching the film, you might wonder why they fight so hard to save a country that many might have given up on. But their love for Liberia is unfailing and they go to great lengths to reach the ears of Government officials.

The footage is made up of interviews with the women and archive videos of children running around with guns and people ducking bullets.

The stories are harrowing without being visually graphic and it’s not a polished product. It’s actually pretty upsetting but an interesting story and a blessing to hear it from the people that were actually there.

Emily Moulder

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