Sold?: Mystery Surrounds Lesbian IKEA Yogurt Incident

September 17, 2009 by  
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At OTB we are usually the last people to complain about two hot ladies engaging in some yogurt scoffing with the possibility of future lesbianism, but we felt we had to raise some questions after seeing this advert.

The most pertinent of them being: What the hell does it mean?

My first assumption was that the Nordic decor giant had at last given up making mountains of cash from worthless MDF and switched their resources to the production of soft-porn.

Unfortunately and as per normal, I was mistaken. Maybe the rest of you in viewer-town have worked it out, if so forgive us for being slower than the delivery of a Swedish three piece suite, but we are unaccustomed to adverts that encourage us to think – after all that’s what the History Channel is for.

Does this mean that all women who like IKEA will eventually resort to a life of dairy-fuelled lady love?

Is it designed with the aim of encouraging men to fill their apartments with funky yet affordable furniture in a desperate bid to score a steamy threesome?

Did they see Fight Club? Surely they realise that any male who over-indulges in yin-yang coffee tables will eventually create an alternate personality to blow it all up.

After much deliberation, our best guess was that this teaser is suggesting the blonde woman has decided to completely deck an apartment (which the poor bloke probably mostly paid for) in cut-price IKEA paraphernalia, and will soon be showing him – and his Lara Croft posters – the door.

Regardless, if this man doesn’t do something, quickly his woman will be munching carpet rather than yogurt – and it won’t be one designed by IKEA.

Sean Marland