Peep Show Season 6 Review: Back By Popular Demand…

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PEEP SHOW: Friday 18th September, Channel 4, 10pm Alert Me

In the highly unlikely circumstance that you are new to this show, let me be the first to offer my congratulations – who would have thought that such a good internet connection was possible on the moon.

Like Al-Qaida and high-speed broadband, Peep Show has been a zeitgeist for the noughties and this week as it steams into series six, the writers show no sign of losing the comedy principles they created and mastered.

If you liked the other series, this remains one of the safest bets on television – it’s simply more of the same from the El Dude brothers, which is a relief after their hit-and-miss efforts with That Mitchell and Webb Look.

As ever Mark and Jez are the ever-current voices of a dissatisfied Britain and within five minutes the recession has laid waste to JLB credit. This is especially inconvenient for Mark as not only has he just managed to get Jez his first job in a couple of years, but he has also just been given his own office.

He laments his loss of power by comparing himself to a man left in Saigon watching the Americans leave and we remember that this is easily the most historically instructive cult comedy on TV.

The ridiculously stupid situations keep coming and with supporting characters like Super Hans and Johnson wandering around, the show remains as strong as ever.

Many long-running comedies do their best work at this stage of their development but fade somewhat as the series hit double figures. The Simpsons and Friends are very different animals to Peep Show, but with a seventh series already confirmed it will be interesting to see what happens to this excellent cast over the next few years.

If this is anything to go by, it could mean the boys are about to hit their prime.

Sean Marland

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