Robert De Niro, Spike Lee Team Up For TV

September 17, 2009 by  
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Unlikely comrades, Robert De Niro and Spike Lee, are apparently working on a TV project together called Alphaville.

The show’s going to filmed and set in New York’s East Village in the 80s as the area used to be called alphabet city.The show, most likely to be a mini-series (we smell an Emmy) will include the struggle of the artists and musicians that make up the East village community.

At the time there was also a lot of racial tension, something Spike Lee has never shied away from in his films like Do The Right Thing and Bamboozled.

The series is likely to draw comparisons to the musical Rent but we’re betting Lee isn’t about to have De Niro dancing around singing about AIDS and making out with guys.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like De Niro will be acting at this point but will just be producing while Lee directs. It will be broadcast on the Showtime channel.