The Lowdown: Things You Never Knew About Derren Brown

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derren_brown300x210After his superhuman efforts last week, it seems that Derren Brown is set to become the national treasure we have been craving since David Beckham stopped playing football and took up soccer.

Following in the footsteps of countless flavour-of-the-months before him, we at OTB are answering the questions on confused lips up and down the country…

Who the hell is Derren Brown – and why does he freak us out so much?

1. He first took to the stage at Bristol University under the name Darren V Brown – the V stands for Victor. This came as a surprise to one fan who assumed his middle name was f**king – as in, “It’s Derren f**king Brown, run for your life!!!”

2. Unbelievably, Derren is the patron for The National Parrot Sanctuary and it’s registered Charity – Parrot Line. He also has a parrot named Mephisto.

3. The man to thank/blame for the unstoppable rise of Derren Brown is Jerry Sadowitz. They first met in a magic shop in London and after swapping a few tricks soon became pals, with Sadowitz helping Brown get his first lecture gig for magicians.

4. Sorry ladies, but he did come out last year and revealed he was in ‘the perfect relationship with a man’ – which has surprised many women who assumed it to be impossible.

5. Brown claims to be flattered that Kenny Craig, the magic act in Little Britain (‘look into the eyes, not around the eyes’) might be based on him, considering Kenny to be better looking than himself. Just buy a razor Derren.

6. He has to sleep in a cold room – presumably to ensure he does not burst into flames.

7. He has two giraffes at home. One is a six-foot stillborn baby which is stuffed and stands in his hallway and the other is an adult neck and head skeleton which spans the wall of his office at home.

8. Although there’s never any question that his helpers on the TV shows are plants, he often becomes friends with those he has tortured. The guy who loaded the gun in Russian Roulette once accompanied Brown to a screening of Team America to the suspicion of many onlookers.

9. He lists his occupations as: Magician, psychological illusionist, artist and mentalist. Nice work if you can get it.

10. As a child he set fire to an unfortunate neighbour’s boat when playing with matches. The Scamp.

Sean Marland

Has Derren Brown gone where no magician has gone before? Maybe. So we managed to think of some fresh challenges for the man who seems able to do anything…