X Factor Roundup: Week 4

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This year’s bootcamp promises to be a good one with the discovery of gems Danyl, Jamie and Lucie going to the next round. What will this week bring?

It’s week 4 of auditions, it’s Glasgow, and we’re kicked off on the crazy end of the spectrum with Diana and her partner Jazz. They’ve been singing together for years, with Jazz singing from the moment she was born. Understandably, the anticipation is at fever pitch:



Oh right, Jazz is a dog.

Unfortunately while Diana carries the tune of “I Will Survive?, Jazz is struck by a spell of stage fright and is decidedly mute.

This performance is followed by mostly unremarkable auditions as the judges play a painstaking game of Spot the Talent. It’s easier for us as a TV audience, as the change in soundtrack to brooding indieness usually signals the coming of a decent audition.

This time it’s returning hopeful Rikki Loney. Look at him, he’s so on it. He’s got the X Factor. Look, he’s even wearing a hat.



Perhaps they’re hearing something different in the studio, but Rikki’s “These Arms Of Mine” is a mediocre performance (with an embarrassing amount of bum notes) talked up so much it’s taken on more significance. X Factor, we can see all the cogs now.

They’re all drooling though. Cue Snow Patrol “Chasing Cars?.

All the while the judges are becoming sickeningly presumptuous, Dannii the most so: “your mum’s gonna be so proud of you?, and then, gesturing to the audience “they all love you?. Louis chimes in to one auditionee: “I don’t think you realize how good you are?.

Simon’s definitely getting softer. “After hearing that I think we did make a big mistake?, he says, as Rikki left the competition after bootcamp last year. Simon admitting to a mistake? Looks like we’re going to have to ice-skate home because hell just froze over.

Next the judges return to London where there are hopes in 17-year-old Lydia who gives a heartfelt rendition of “Saving All My Love For You?, Alastair with his version of “The Way You Make Me Feel?, and girl group The Secrets who deliver a sultry take on Sam Sparrow’s “Black and Gold?.

However it’s 82-year-old William Hooper who takes the roof off with a rousing muzak version of “Come Fly With Me?. The judges are pleased, the audience even more so, and William makes it through to the next round.

But hang on… aren’t we due a sob story some time soon?

Oh, here it is. Again, cue Snow Patrol. Shanna Goodhead has endured living in a – gasp – council flat, the poor lamb. Spare us, please. After all this enforced heartstring tugging she’d better be good. Thankfully, she is:



Wrapping proceedings up for another week is Essex geezer Olly Murs who sings the first notes of “Superstitious? fabulously before descending into meh territory.

Being the last audition of the day though we’re all blown away.



Olly’s on a one-man crusade to start a new dance craze. Obviously that game of Spot the Talent got so tedious the judges hallucinated some, as they gush over his fancy footwork.

Lose the iffy choreography however, and he’s a serious contender for the final 12.

And guess the victory song… That’s right, “For Once In My Life?!

Leonie Mercedes

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