How Not To Live Your Life Review: Nicely Don

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HNTLYL300x210How Not To Live Your Life: Tuesday 15th September, BBC3, 10.30pm ALERT ME

When you’re naked and covered in beans, the last thing you want to do is meet your hot new flatmate.

But stupid situations like these are pretty normal for Don Danbury and he takes them in his stride manfully.

After a first series spent under the radar, How Not To Live Your Life is an irreverent and lively sit-com which could see its stock start to rise by the time the second has finished.

Written by and starring Dan Park, this is the tale of some lovably foolish blokes, a cynical old woman and one very sexy lady-student.

With its innovative and sideways style, this is a show which could follow in the steps of other comedies that broke into the mainstream from the backwater of BBC3.

Don is a foolish and inappropriate 29 year-old who lives a pretty aimless life with his merry but discerning mate Eddie. Implausibly they share their house with Mrs Treacher, an OAP who helps with the bills, and student/model Samantha, a bright girl who negotiated a mind-blowingly small fee for the spare room.

The show revolves around a very clever premise – when someone is faced with an important decision, we are given a series of quirky scenarios indicating what not to do if faced with the same unfortunate situation.

These can range from ‘things not do when in a restaurant’ to ‘how shouldn’t Eddie cheer Don up’ and as you can imagine, the comic scope for a writer with a well-tuned imagination is very good.

Some of it is slightly clunky but this sit-com raised enough laughs to make me look out for it in future, and fans of Game On with Samantha Janus will probably find much to enjoy here.

This is anything but unoriginal however and all it really demands from viewers is a sense of humour and an understanding of how imperfect the average person is – apart from Samantha of course.

Despite being incapable of making a half-decent decision, Don Danbury might be close to capturing the wider audience his creator was aiming for.

Sean Marland

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