The Apprentice’s Kate Walsh Interview: Live From Studio Five

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Without meaning to come off typically British in powwowing about the weather but it’s unmistakably September out there.

The first leaf has fallen, signalling the beginning of the next school year and another season.

Thankfully for us it’s also the start of a brand new year of telly goodness.

Five have got a new variety show on the go, predicted to rival BBC1’s so-light-it’s-barely-there The One Show.

It’s called Live from Studio Five, and will be hosted by presenting heavyweights Ian Wright and Melinda Messenger, with newcomer Apprentice runner-up Kate Walsh.

We caught up with Kate for the deets…

You’ve proved yourself to be quite the presenter, with both your air guitar antics on The Apprentice and your fashion segment on GMTV – is presenting something you would like to pursue?

It wasn’t really something I was looking for. I was really lucky, getting loads of business job offers following The Apprentice, but this presenting one came out of the blue and as I’ve always enjoyed presenting in business, I’m really looking forward to it.

What’s your role be on the show?

Ian and Melinda will be in the studio, in a panel-style set-up to discuss the day’s news, while I’ll go off and report, conduct interviews, and review new films and albums to return to the studio for discussion.

Live from Studio Five has been described as Channel 5’s answer to The One Show – how will it be different?

The show is produced by Sky and is very much in the mould of American show. It’s more entertainment-based than The One Show. It’s something I’d imagine watching with my mates after a hard day’s work, though there’s no demographic in mind.

The variety show has proved itself to be quite a difficult format, most recently claiming Richard and Judy – what will keep this show from the same fate?

The three of us have really good chemistry, and as it’s going out live with the opinionated Ian Wright on the panel, anything could happen which should keep people tuned in! There might be some banging on the table…

What has it been like working with Ian Wright and Melinda Messenger? Have they given you any pearls of wisdom?
It’s been great, they really know their presenting, but I learnt a lot from Natasha Kaplinsky. We had a cup of tea together, she’s a lovely girl.

The last we heard about you and Phil (Taylor, fellow Apprentice contestant/Pants Man) is that you’re living together and that you’ve been engagement ring shopping – any truth to that?
We weren’t engagement ring shopping! It was Phil’s 30th birthday last week and we were looking for a watch for him. The magpie that I am I just had to try on a sparkly ring but we were being watched by someone with a camera phone and before I knew it I had family contacting me asking what was going on! Me and Phil have been together nearly a year now and we’re moving in a house together to be nearer the studio. I’m hoping for a surprise for our anniversary…

Live from Studio Five begins on September 14th at 18:30.

Leonie Mercedes