Schofield Calls Fern ‘Irreplaceable’ – Then Replaces Her

September 14, 2009 by  
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Phillip Schofield has revealed that he thinks his This Morning co-host, Fern Britton ‘cannot be replaced’.

This comes as quite a surprise to ITV bosses who believed they had done just that when they announced that Holly Willoughby would be appearing on the show after Britton’s exit.

The irony of her colleague’s tribute will not be lost on the portly presenter after Britton cited problems with Schofield as one of the reasons for her departure.

He told The Mirror: “She is one of a kind,? and twisted the knife one last time by adding: “It’s like trying to find another Ant and Dec.?

Why anyone would want to do that – surely one set is enough?!

Would it all have been a different story if Phil and Fern had met on Playing it Straight? Maybe not. Check out the dating shows that we used to love – in a bad way…