Product Placement Allowed On British TV?

September 14, 2009 by  
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The mind-shag that is product placement could soon be allowed on Britsh TV programmes for the first time following a Government reviewing on a ban on the practice.

This rule change will only apply to commercial broadcasters like ITV who rely on advertising revenue. The license fee-funded Beeb will not be allowed to promote products.

We could find out whether the move is due to go ahead as soon as next week. Ministers are now thought to believe the practice should be allowed “in certain circumstances� as the “advertising climate has changed�.

Criminy. Soon The Banker will be calling on a Nokia, there’ll be lingering shots of the Le Creuset ironware on Jamie at Home, George Clarke spraying everyone’s house in Dulux emulsion on The Home Show, and the Banker will be calling Noel Edmonds on a Nokia. Oops. We’re guilty too.

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