Meet The Hasselhoffs Review: Show Hoff Hits UK

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3.5hoff300x210Meet The Hasselhoffs: Monday 14th September, Living, 10pm ALERT ME

Any man who spends a lot of time with Scott Mills and claims that Baywatch was a show about ‘saving lives’, should be treated suspiciously.

Next he’ll be telling you that he can speak to cars.

Despite his eccentricities, David Hasselhoff’s star has not faded on these shores since he hung up those red shorts and the burly Californian has brought his daughters to Britain for a trip of discovery and fan greeting.

However this journey to the heart of British culture is not the only thing on The Hoff’s mind and he reveals that with the help of his unlikely new best pal from Radio One, he wouldn’t mind meeting a few ladies. Someone should probably explain to him that he will might have more success on that front if he goes solo, but nevermind.

If there was ever a man that was made for this type of show it was Hasselhoff. His musings are usually comical and often very ironic but what the viewer also notices is the enthusiasm he has for each situation he finds himself in.

As his daughters are shopping London dry of products, his assistant works feverishly to keep the Hoff show on the road and his duties range from translation to explaining the workings of everyday objects. Surely they had a telephone in the Baywatch beach hut?

Despite his clangers, it’s difficult to stay mad at this ridiculously dressed hunk and even when he sits outside a London pub with pre-signed pictures of himself to hand, his ability to Hoff it out keeps us onside.

Admittedly, there are times when it’s tricky to work out if we should be laughing at him or with him, but he’s a thoroughly warm – if slightly odd – dude and has previous when it comes to self-parody, as anyone who has seen Dodgeball can testify.

We end the first episode with The Hoff on stage whooping to thousands of screaming students from Birmingham.

It must nearly make up for having to listen to that song at the end of every union night.

How we love the Hoff.

Sean Marland