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41home time HOME TIME: Monday 14th September, BBC 2, 10pm ALERT ME

If you’ve ever moved away from home then you probably had to move back home.

They always say that ‘you can never go home’ but maybe they should have said ‘you should never go home’.

This new BBC comedy follows Gaynor Jacks (Emma Fryer) after she returns home to Coventry after leaving 12 years ago without saying a word.

Now 29, she must face her family and the friends she left behind. While it sounds like the makings of a drama, trust us, it’s a comedy.

Her room is exactly as she left it complete with pictures of Brian Harvey and Jarvis Cocker on the walls and Union Jack dresses in her wardrobe. Her mother, to fill the daughter-shaped void, joins communities of which she is in no way a part of. This has also lead to her inexplicably speaking with an Irish accent.

Without giving a reason for leaving, Gaynor slowly lets on that she simply felt like a big fish in a small pond. Unfortunately, being an idealistic 17 year old when she left, she only took with her a guide to Western philosophy and a set of oil paints. Ah, to be 17 again.

This one’s a mix between Shameless and The Inbetweeners and will probably turn out to be Marmite.

It’s small humour; there are no big gags and it relies mostly on subtlety and the petty situations you find in small towns.

The characters are really fun though and their chemistry is fantastic. None of them seeming to realize that they’re f**k ups, Gaynor’s childhood friends are mad at her for leaving; breaking the bonds of teenage friendship and leaving them in Coventry.

Mel (Hayley Jane Standing) is a 29 year-old babysitter who thinks the world is still her oyster. Corporate hard-case Becky (Kerry Godliman) is the leader of the group and Kelly (Rebekah Staton) still parties like she’s 17 and dresses like a blind hooker.

While it could suffer heavily from the marmite effect, I liked it’s easy going attitude and subtle comedic approach. So I, at least, will be watching the second episode.

Emily Moulder

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