Robert Webb Slates His Show

September 9, 2009 by  
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BBC3’s show Young, Dumb And Living Off Mum and it’s house of a thousand idiots have been giving a right slagging off by the show’s narrator, Robert Webb.

Webb described the show to The Sun as “It’s a reality show where t***s aged 17 to 25 live in a house together and have big, stupid rows which I narrate. And then, amazingly, the feckless idiot parents get to vote for the least annoying one and whoever is left, by default, wins the show.”

Fair enough.

“I think I injected a sufficient amount of disdain into that voice-over. I did it for the money, of course – the money. And I spent that disdainfully too.”

We’re sure he put as much disdain into the voice as he could but he’s got a ways to go before he can top the guy that does Come Dine With Me.

We know the show’s crap but we’re a review site so we can say whatever we want. Be grateful you’ve got a job in these harsh times Webb, you never know when you’ll be on the streets dropping your trousers for money. Something we had to do to put ourselves through uni.