Dating In The Dark Review: Love Is Blind

September 9, 2009 by  
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DATING IN THE DARK: Wednesday 9th September, Living, 9pm Alert Me

For anyone who argues that love isn’t blind, I have three words for you.

Christina Aguilera’s Husband.

Oh, and David Blunkett’s Dog.

Proof enough that at the end of the day money, talent and baseline socially-acceptable looks aren’t everything.

Yet for every mega-famous blonde bombshell willing to lower her standards, there are inevitably millions and millions of other people who are still more than picky in their search for the perfect partner.

Dating In The Dark throws a brilliant ‘why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?’ spin on Cilla’s classic 90s dating show by literally blinding singletons into meeting each other.

Three girls and three guys are put into a house with special ‘dark rooms’. After an initial three on three meeting, the guys must each decide who they’d like to date one on one.

The truly interesting part comes in the form of psychometric tests that the singletons fill in before entering the show. A psychologist has matched them up as a result of their answers. After the second date they’re informed of this and are then left to decide if they ‘stick’ or ‘twist’ with the one they’ve been dating.

Then, finally (and brutally), they are given a brief look at who they’ve been dating/groping all day long and are left to decide whether finally seeing what they look like has made them want to actually see them again in the daylight.

Its gimmick may scream Streetmate-esque, BBC Three ‘yoof’ television, but behind the fake tans, cringeworthy come-ons and dirty jokes, each date turns into something truly interesting. Watching a hot Barbie genuinely find an ugly tree-smacked, truly decent guy increasingly attractive is a beautiful thing, as is the Schaudenfreude of seeing her try her hardest not to look disappointed when the lights come up.

Great escapist telly.

Matt Risley