Warehouse 13 Review: Mulder & Scully Become Ghostbusters

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2.5WAREHOUSE 13: Tuesday 8th September, Sci Fi Channel, 9pm ALERT ME

Of all the television genres, sci-fi has been hit the hardest by the locust-like spread of reality TV.

This show demonstrates the lengths to which science-fiction writers have been forced to stretch to get a show commissioned.

Warehouse 13 touches on just about every branch of telefantasy ever committed to film, indulging its own silliness shamelessly at every twist.

Subsequently it has more chance of becoming a guilty pleasure than cult TV, but that’s still good for a programme apparently written at the annual Sci Fi channel vs History Channel drinking contest.

After saving the life of the President, secret service agents Myka Bering and the likeable Pete Lattimer are both surprised to be mysteriously reassigned to some massive shack in the middle of the South Dakota Badlands.

It’s not just any old shack though – remember that artifact-stuffed warehouse from the final scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark? Apparently the curators started to run out of room at the turn of the century and relocated to bigger premises in the middle of nowhere.

From Harry Houdini’s wallet to John Dillinger’s pistol, just about any and every object that was ever relevant to world history is stored in this cavernous hanger of wonderment – if nothing else, this is a script bursting with ideas.

Needless to say, nearly all of these articles possess mystical and magical properties which our new bods must learn to contain with the help of Artie Nielson, the facilities long-serving and knowledgeable caretaker.

The two main characters spend the first episode in utter bewilderment, and when you remember that they’ve seen the script, it’s easy to understand how difficult it is for the viewer initially. However, when we start to get a handle on the ridiculous premises that the show is pushing, we begin to enjoy the madness.

Despite the panning that has been dished out by some critics, Warehouse 13 is not actually that bad, but it spreads it’s fantasy net so wide that history geeks will probably find it as rewarding as their sci-fi brethren.

Sean Marland

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neil says:

Love hanger 13…clever..witty..good chemistry between main characters..good to see something new…very enjoyable