‘Manuelgate’ Has Ruined Comedy Says Noble

September 8, 2009 by  
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It has been less than a year since Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross carried out their hilarious prank call on Andrew Sachs and according to Ross Noble, the comedy world has not recovered.

The weird comic said that since ‘Manuelgate’, TV producers have been “wetting themselves? every time someone goes off script live on air.

Judging from his ad-hoc performances, it seems difficult to believe that Noble even understands the concept of a script, let alone the idea of deviating from one.

“There are a lot of comics around now whose main focus is just to wear a suit and stand there,? he told the BBC as he loosened his top button. “A lot of their material is just bland.?

“There does seem to be a trend of comics going back to the old observational stuff because they know that grandmas are going to like it,? he added.

We wouldn’t like to imagine what makes grandma Noble laugh.

It’s not that bad is it? At least Peep Show is coming back for another series…