Deadliest Catch Review: Fishing For A Compliment

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3.5DEADLIEST CATCH: Tuesday 8th September, Discovery, 9pm Alert Me

Who said sailing was gay?

Deadliest Catch is one of the most brutal, manliest shows around. I mean this is hardcore extreme fishing.

Well, kinda. here’s action in this show, don’t get me wrong but the name Deadliest Catch is somewhat misleading.

I was really hoping that there was gonna be some Jaws action but it turns out that they’re hunting crab in the icy waters of the Bering Sea.

It’s basically guys on boats looking for crab and it’s only exciting in sporadic bursts.

Tonight’s episode sees the start of the Opilio crab season and four ships are gearing up for a good haul. The Northwesterner, the Wizard, the Time Bandit and the Cornelia Marie and their crew members ready their ships but it’s not exactly smooth sailing.

The Wizard quickly loses power and begins drifting towards some rocks and this is just a taste of the danger these guys are in.

Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie returns to the waters 11 months after taking a break due to a blood clot but upon his arrival he finds his boat isn’t exactly ship shape. He and his crew discover that his shape has a dangerous leak in the fuel tank and that repairs to his ship cost a cool $100,000.

Ice quickly becomes a problem for the crews and they struggle to be safe out on the water. In order to protect their crab traps from the freezing sea spray that will ice over, one crewman risks his life to protect them. It’s not long before he’s hit with a huge wave.

Well that’s one way to go.

The show’s fun and interesting to watch but the dramatic music tends to keep you constantly on the edge of your seat even when nothing’s happening.

Emily Moulder

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