Alexa Chung’s MTV Show Pulled

September 8, 2009 by  
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It looks like Alexa Chung’s plans for world domination have been temporarily put on hold.

Plans to air her US show – the catchily titled “It’s On? – have fallen through at the last minute due to “unforeseen clearance issues?.

It was due to start airing yesterday at 4pm on MTV UK, and would have shown from Monday to Thursday for 19 episodes, three weeks behind transmission in the US.

But just 90 minutes before the show was due to air, an MTV statement was issued, saying: “Due to unforeseen clearance issues, MTV UK will not now be airing ‘It’s On With Alexa Chung’.

“At this time, the show has only been cleared by the distributors for broadcast in the US, and at this stage, we cannot confirm whether the series will eventually air in the UK.?

The live show sees the former T4 presenter interviewing celebrity guests, introducing new musical acts found via Facebook and Twitter, and includes pop culture news and comedy sketches.

Chung seduced the US when she began fronting MTV’s follow-up to magazine show “Total Request Live? in June.

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