The Boy Who Was Born A Girl Review: Woman! I Feel Like A Man

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THE BOY WHO WAS BORN A GIRL: Friday 4th September, Ch4, 8pm, Alert Me

What’s the difference between a girl who wants to be a boy and a lesbian?

The first one is a serious condition, whereas lesbian is just a word I hear a lot when I’m on the pull.

Natasha is a sweet and articulate 16 year-old girl and she’s definitely not a lesbian. This thoughtful documentary tracks her progress as she completes a life changing identity alteration to become a young man called Jon.

The notion of the switch happening the other way around has been relatively well documented in society, but for many people, watching this might be something of a voyage into the unknown.

It is a trip well worth taking and almost immediately we warm to Jon and his mother Luisa as the honesty and maturity they both show when dealing with the problems that this situation presents is commendable.

One of the best things about this essay on the human condition is the bright and rational nature of the subject. “In a perfect world I wouldn’t have gender dysphoria?, says Jon at one point. “I would just be a normal girl. But I do have it, and to live my life as girl would be unbearable.?

Luisa also captures our hearts as she candidly tells us about her feelings of loss as she says goodbye to a daughter and gains a son. The level of acceptance and support she offers her child is also a refreshing break from the poor parenting we usually see in various modern TV programmes.

Above everything else, it is a warm tale with a positive ending. Jon responds to the various treatments very well and with the support of his mother and a close friend he seems to be making excellent progress despite the inevitable taunts from some individuals.

This is a little gem of a of a document on the human psyche and serves as a real inspiration to anyone in difficult circumstances.

Sean Marland