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What happened to adverts being about the actual product they’re trying to sell? Whatever happened to the Ronseal way of thinking? We recently found that movie titles had also gone the same way and we’re sick of it.

Take a look and see how much this advert doesn’t have to do with car insurance.

Two coffee sipping blokes awkwardly lean on a coffee table in one of those coffee shops that are too hip for their own good. You know the ones, you check your reflection in their shiny windows before skulking off to Starbucks.

They try and act like they were just finishing off a conversation about car insurance by saying the barely convincing line of, ‘Car insurance, eh?’

‘What can you do?’ asks the cardigan clad coffee drinker. Indeed, what can you do?

And in place of a cute little Eastern European meerkat to telling us what to do, Go Compare opted for an opera singer who ruins the morning of everyone sitting there. He incites everyone to stop what they’re doing and to sing with him while he twiddles his glued on moustache.

Fatty McDancer struts around the shop while our confused insurance-less men stand around looking like bemused monkeys. We do give the tubby tenor kudos for getting the word spondulicks into the lyrics though.

Then with one final mighty bellow the singer shakes the monkeys’ table prompting them to ponder how much it cost Go Compare to hire the singer.

Probably more than they’re going to make from this advert.

Our clever monkeys conclude that the singer’s only a tenor and they infer that he only cost a tenner. Oh the hilarity. Honestly, our sides…

Emily Moulder

michael says:

hi can you ax go compair it is doing my head in and i sufer from depression and i get wores when it comes on it comes on all the time the go compair is stupid and he can not sing at all so please take it off thanks

michael says:

i am geting sick of the Go Compare adverts he duz my sweed in and i sufer from
depression it gets wors when it comes on all the time so please can you ax it for me and he can not sing for the life of him thanks

Gary Goodtimes says:

I hate that fat stupid f******, you know what i mean. Get rid of him and i will GO COMPARE
When i see him again, i will be seriously suicidal.
If i am ever to see him the street, God help him.
The most horrible, ever advert, I COULD GO ON FOR EVER!!!!
Its not just me, it’s the rest of the dolers aswel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Or at least cut him down to once week, I’m about two pints and a lager shandy away from from wrapping a bottle of bud around his head!
I keep looking out of my curtains for him! WHERE IS HE?????????
There are no limits to what i’d pay to find out where he is!!!!!

Leo says:

Any one who does appreciate this advert, or is complaining about it, is just plain sad. IMHO

Sey says:

If it replaces that guy in the last Go Compare advert (who needlessly walks up the little pile of toy cars and houses… and then straight back down again) I’m all for it.