Mad Men To Get Fourth Season

September 2, 2009 by  
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Everyone’s favourite ad men from the 60s have been told that they’ll be returning for a fourth year.

Led by Handsome McPretty, Jon Hamm, the show celebrated an impressive season 3 opener with US ratings clocking in at 4.5 million viewers for the premiere episode. It has also been nominated for a whopping 16 Emmy awards this year. Oooooh.

We’re not sure why the show has been absolutely buried in UK listings but surely this should be a wake up call to the fact that this show isn’t going away.

The BBC have shoved Mad Men in a darkened corner of BBC Four and late night BBC Two. Why? We saw the same fate befall 30 Rock when it was stuck in the no man’s land that is late night Channel 5.

Cable network boss Charlie Collier said of the show, “We always saw the potential for Mad Men. It’s been extremely gratifying to see the show develop in to such a pop cultural phenomenon with such a passionate fanbase.”

Amusingly, apparently 50% of Americans pretend to have seen the critical darling, even when they haven’t. Unlike us. Cough. No, really – look at our review!