Jamie’s New Series Greenest Ever

September 2, 2009 by  
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Jamie Oliver’s new cookery series which premiered yesterday on Channel 4 has been announced as the world’s first carbon-neutral travel series.

Every gram of carbon created in the shooting of Jamie’s American Road Trip was offset. The show sees the Essex chef travel across the USA for a taste of their culture and cuisine.

Jamie brought in the help of experts to calculate how much CO2 was produced from flights, hotels and land travel during filming of the series, totting up a figure of 242.6 tonnes.

He subsequently invested in projects to make up for the damage, such as providing energy-efficient stoves in Cambodia.

“I felt that, as a programme-maker, it was my duty really to stand up and say that, if we’re going to shoot these brilliant programmes which involve flying quite a few people everywhere, we should make a difference and help save the planet?, he said.

Bono, Geldof, look out.

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