Born Survivor – Bear Grylls Alabama Review: Crazy Mental Naturist Hits The South

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BORN SURVIVOR – BEAR GRYLLS: Saturday 5th September, Discovery, 7pm Alert Me

You know what they say, everything’s bigger in America. Apart from Bear Grylls, he just seems to be more nuts in America – if that were possible.

In the first episode of his new series, our favourite nature maniac travels to the wilderness of Alabama in the hope of meeting his match, or more appropriately finding his match, and he scours the landscape for danger like a man with a death wish.

This really is entertaining stuff though, and Grylls puts himself in some truly terrifying positions in a manner that on occasion echoes the late and tragic Steve Irwin.

But if anyone knows what they’re doing it’s this adventurer and after dropping from a helicopter in customary fashion he strips naked to retrieve raft materials from a freezing river, fights a wild boar and runs head-long into a forest fire.

Adrenaline pumping stuff even by his nerve-jangling standards.

A definite highlight in this helping of Born Survivor was watching Grylls paddle enthusiastically towards a turgid waterfall and shout; “this will be a great test for my raft!? In the same way that a crazy might stare down the barrel of a gun explaining that it will be a great test for his face.

Needless to say, despite the white-water ripping Grylls from his impressive vessel, another bid for death ended in abject failure, and our man survived to sleep beneath the stars for another night.

Even though he had munched a large pig the day before, on the next morning the need to eat droppings becomes irresistible and Grylls once again starts gobbling animal poo under the pretence that he really had no choice – sure you didn’t.

As we watch these various stunts we also notice that if the man of steel is not the craziest person on television, then his camera-man definitely is. Climbing down a sheer cliff must be hard enough without carrying a massive camera and capturing the Bear chat at the same time.

Sure enough as the programme closes we see Grylls scamper down a bank and on to the back of a logging truck, leaving his camera-man by the side of the road.

I should imagine the poor dude was just glad to get rid of the nutter.

Sean Marland

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