BBC3 Commissions Lesbian Drama

September 1, 2009 by  
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What a breath of fresh air.

BBC3 has found some room in its schedule alongside the keen s’leb presenters and gormless teenagers to broadcast a six-part drama series about the sex lives of twentysomething lesbians in Glasgow.

It has been subjected to the channel’s pun fairies though, provocatively titled “Lip Service?.

It’s been written by Harriet Braun, who’s partly based the series on her own experiences, intending it to be a “sexy, funny and irreverent drama that reflects what it is to be a young gay woman living in Britain today”.

She said: “I loved The L Word but it’s high time we saw some contemporary British lesbians, with all the bad weather, trips to the pub and repressed emotions that go with that,” she said. “It will be as funny as it is pathos-filled, because in my experience that’s how life is.”

Danny Cohen, the BBC3 controller, added: “Harriet Braun’s Lip Service offers a fresh new twist on relationships.”