Anne Robinson Slams Ageist TV Industry

September 1, 2009 by  
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Everybody’s favourite winking biatch, Anne Robinson, has added to the ongoing public conversation about sexism and ageism in TV and film.

She joins Arlene Phillips and Joanna Lumley in openly discussing the problem, particularly for women, with growing old onscreen. Arlene recently struggled with being replaced by young totty Alesha Dixon on Strictly Come Dancing while Lumley openly made peace about getting older.

Anne has said “If there was a lovely blonde with huge breasts and long legs who had my experience and wit, I’d be out of a job. I think all television is sexist and ageist.”

She made the comments to the Radio Times but this all really comes off the back of her denying rumours that she’s had a second facelift. Well Anne and her new face will be returning to consumer complaint show Watchdog this year after an 8 year gap.

Not that bad, eh Anne? Keep your chin up, not too far though or it’ll be on your nose.