The Lowdown: Things You Never Knew About Ulrika Jonsson

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Nigella impersonator, weathergirl and Gladiator-botherer Ulrika Jonsson has always had a place in our hearts. Or our tabloids.

One day she would give a heartfelt confession about her difficult past or brush with domestic violence, the next she would undo all that public sympathy with her sexual philanderings.

Depending on the weather it seemed, we either (secretly) loved her or hated her. This year’s Celebrity Big Brother proved however, she does have some fans out there.

The woman is so frank we thought we’d set ourselves an impossible task, to find things we don’t know about the Swedish beauty. But we have a duty to you so we prevailed, and in celebration of the return of Shooting Stars, enjoy a few things you might not have known about Team B captain Ulrika-ka-ka…

1. She was born Eva Ulrika Jonsson in 1967, in Solluntuna, Sweden, where Cuttin’ Eye Joe hit-makers Rednex are from. She moved to England at the age of 12. Born on August 16th, she shares her birthday with Madonna.

2. She cut her teeth in the broadcasting world becoming a weathergirl on TV-am in 1989. She confessed on Celebrity Big Brother that during her meteorological stint she was embarrassed to receive a phone call from the fusty political journalist and presenter David Frost, who asked her if the weather would be nice for his summer party that weekend.

3. Her grandfather was famous opera singer Folke Jonsson.

4. Allegedly she turned down a role in Doctor Who, claiming she didn’t have enough acting experience. Her past acting jobs have been a lead in 1991’s historical romantic drama L’annonce faite a Marie, and bizarrely a role on Bob the Builder as Jana von Strudel.

5. She is fronting a campaign to spread awareness about incontinence in adults, having suffered from it during her pregnancy with child number four. Apologies if we just put you off your Appletise. (There’s a trend emerging… Fellow Celebrity Big Brother winner Jack Dee once delivered incontinence pads for the NHS).

6. Ulrika is fluent in Swedish, English, French and German. And the language of love.

7. Picking up a rumoured £175,000 to take part, Ulrika is the highest paid contestant to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house. As she was announced the winner with 57% of the vote, she turned to runner-up Terry Christian to say: “It’s a fix?.

8. Her winnings probably went towards a £11,000 breast reduction, which took her cup size from a voluptuous 34I to a perky 32C. Really didn’t mean to come off all Nuts there.

9. 2002 saw the release of her autobiography “Honest?, which detailed her sexual assault by an, erm, unnamed television presenter. An anagram of Ulrika Jonsson Honest is: Oh, one’s journals stink.

10. Hopefully her next literary outing won’t. She is currently writing a novel due for release in 2011, reported to be a bout a woman approaching 60, having a multigenerational narrative. Cue Vic and Bob grabbing of the handbags: Oooooh!

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