Sold?: Touch Of Grey Is Not The New Black

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What should you do when a batch of faulty produce comes off the production line? Flog it anyway – a person may be clever, but everyone knows that people are stupid.

And believe us folks, there can be no stupider group people than those desperately clinging to their youth with all the strength their arthritis-addled fingers can muster. Just look at what happened to Michael Jackson…

When Just For Men realised that someone had cooked up a faulty mix of their secret recipe, they feverishly began thinking of ways to market this mishap.

After offering it to Tim Westwood as make-up, the marketing department decided to move in a far less imaginative direction.

And this is what they came up with. Ironically, it’s almost enough to turn any advertising exec’s hair grey.

For many years Just For Men have mercilessly harvested the grey pound, turning respectable middle-aged blokes into idiots who quite obviously dye their hair, but they may have hit a new low with this advert.

After their profits took a pounding earlier this year when Tom Jones finally accepted his greyness, the JFM bosses could be forgiven for a shot in the dark, but this tactic will surely be unable to fill that chasm-like shortfall.

I just felt sorry for the poor bloke on the left who started the ad with brown hair and ended up looking like he had aged 20 years and been attacked with a felt-tip.

Sean Marland

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