Live X Factor Auditions Slammed In Poll

August 25, 2009 by  
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Unless you were out on Saturday night having a life you might have caught the first episode of the sixth series of X Factor.

The show is now holding its auditions before a live studio audience with shiny lights, sound engineering and everything instead of in an echoey audienceless hotel boardroom.

But according to a poll by Yahoo, many aren’t happy with this new set up, with 70% of respondents in a survey preferring the “behind-closed-doors” approach.

Head honcho judge and producer of the show Simon Cowell said that he will personally take the blame if the changes do not prove to be a success. Cocky.

The move was influenced by the success of other Cowell show Britain’s Got Talent, but some fans feel that there is now too little to differentiate the shows. Commentators also have expressed concern that there will now be less excitement when the final 12 acts perform live for the first time on the live studio show.

See, Danyl? Haven’t you backed yourself into a corner?

On top of all this, we don’t think it’s fair that the, erm, more challenged auditionees now only know their audition is over when they are mercilessly booed off the stage by some 4,000 bloodthirsty spectators instead of being patronised and shooed away from the privacy on conference room B as in X Factors past.

It’s safe to assume that the old format won’t return, as if Simon Cowell would ever admit he was wrong (except for in those (fake) tense moments when he asks for an auditionee back after casting them off).

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