Channel 4 Confirm ‘3D Week’

August 24, 2009 by  
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Channel 4 has announced a special week of 3D programming as an excuse to use formerly useless footage of the Queen.

This autumn, viewers will be invited to wear special glasses to watch the ‘ColourCode 3D’ programmes, including previously unseen footage of the monarch during her Coronation year.

The programmes will be imaginatively titled, The Queen in 3D, and viewers will see her majesty at the Epsom Derby, taking a trip on the Royal Barge and her journey to the Coronation itself!

These two hour-long episodes also tell the story of the film-makers. Bob Angell and Arthur Wooster are now in their 80s, but will probably be only too pleased to ramble about their pioneering endeavours.

What makes this worthy of a ‘3D-week’ is unclear, after all, the Queens regal visage is pretty much everywhere – why didn’t these two monarchists just buy a book of stamps?

During this week, cinema-goggle enthusiasts might also enjoy Derren Brown’s 3D Magic Spectacular, The Greatest Ever 3D Moments and several 3D movies.

Whether they will enjoy them is questionable.

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