X Factor Returns In Supersize: Exclusive Preview

August 20, 2009 by  
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It may not have even started yet, but the X Factor already has a leading light – and he’s a teacher from Reading.

Danyl Johnson isn’t your average detention distributor though, and he brought down the house at his audition in London with a rendition of ‘A Little Help From My Friends’.

Other stand-out acts included a single-mum from Essex and a young chap from South Shields.

After sitting through the pre-screening of Saturday’s show, OTB can confirm that the bar has been significantly raised, and for the first time there are a couple of contestants who can actually sing.

Sadly only twelve desperate wannabes will be moving from the X Factor boot camp to the actual competition proper.

For the first time the auditions were held in front of a live audience as part of Simon Cowell’s evil plot to expand the show further.

More worringly, ITV will now be showing a follow-up results show on a Sunday night.

This may sound like bad news for lads everywhere, but it really should be seen as a fantastic opportunity to spend more of the weekend down the pub.

The return of X Factor will fill you with excitement or dread, but it seems inevitable that once again Saturday (and now also Sunday) nights will be swallowed by this ravenous entertainment monster.

Roll on December.