Bus Pass Bullfighter Review: Cow Attacked By Wobbly OAP

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FIRST CUT – BUS PASS BULLFIGHTER: Thursday 21st August, Channel 4, 7.35pm ALERT ME

Like all fighters, pensioner-matador Frank Evans seems to be incapable of retiring with dignity.

But for once, this comeback has not been orchestrated for financial reasons, but because the man in question is a bit nuts.

Most 67-year-olds just about manage half-an-hour on the allotment before nodding off in the shed, but the Bus Pass Bullfighter is returning to Spain to continue a notable career agitating the gentle animal lovers of the region – mostly Brits (you know the ones that left the UK because immigrants were changing the country).

From the press-cuttings and pictures he shows us, it’s clear that Frank wasn’t bad back in his day. But although we can assume that the ‘sport’ hasn’t changed much in the four years since he last waved his red cape, alarm bells start ringing when we hear that the first ever British bullfighter has used his time off to have a quadruple heart bypass!

Advantage bull.

As he begins what seems to be a pretty undemanding training regime, we see him skewer a patio chair, get heckled by a radio-hippy and get smacked up in the air by a worringly waif-like piece of cattle – but his confidence that everything will be alright on the big day remains undimmed.

This is quite an interesting piece of TV for several reasons, but primarily because it is difficult to know how to take Frank.

Moral questions aside, it is admirable to see someone who has achieved so much through no little amount of dedication. But he shows enough awareness to admit that it probably takes quite a selfish person to be as single-minded as he is.

On a personal level, I lost some respect for the matador fraternity when we saw some ‘assistants’ stabbing poor Angus to weaken him for the grand finale. I would have thought that having a sword was enough of an advantage.

Sean Marland

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