The Lowdown: Quentin ‘Uber-Geek’ Tarantino

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It’s quite possible that the expression ‘larger than life’ was invented purely for the purpose of describing Quentin Tarantino.

Well, his face at least.

And come to mention it, his film buffery as well. As I sat at the press conference for Inglorious Basterds, even film critics who prided themselves on having an encyclopaedic movie knowledge looked on blankly as he jabbered about the war-films that had influenced his latest piece.

It is an inescapable fact that he is an utter nerd. A very sweary, iconic nerd – but a nerd nonetheless.
Here’s the OTB lowdown on this one-man-guide to trash movies.

1. The director reportedly rejected an offer to direct an episode of Heroes, asking the interviewer: “What the f**k is Heroes?”

2. In all of his original screenplays the name of a police detective named Scagnetti is referred to at least once. Unfortunately the particular scene was cut from most final versions.

3. Credits which suggest that Tarantino had roles in Dawn of the Dead and King Lear are incorrect. He falsely listed these films on his acting resume many years ago to compensate for his lack of experience – in many cases these credits have subsequently been attributed to him. It almost makes my claim that I left my last job by ‘mutual agreement’ seem passable.

4. Briefcases and suitcases play an important role in most of Tarantino’s films. See Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, True Romance and Kill Bill: Vol. 2.

5. Furthermore, what is in that briefcase in Pulp Fiction? One of the strongest theories is that it is Marsellus Wallace’s soul – hence the plaster on the back of his neck.

6. All his movies (including True Romance, which he wrote but did not direct) feature a scene in which three or more characters are pointing guns at each other at the same time. This is called a ‘Mexican Standoff’ and is a tribute to the Westerns which influenced Tarantino.

7. He turned down both Speed and Men In Black.

8. He is dyslexic, has an IQ of 160 and is a high school dropout.

9. It is widely reported that Tarantino helped write Tony Scott’s Crimson Tide that’s one that definitely didn’t go on his CV.

10. In pretty much every one of his movies, you will find a character smoking ‘Red Apple’ cigarettes – the director hates product placement.

Sean Marland

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