Dermot O’Leary Slams Strictly Bosses

August 18, 2009 by  
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X Factor host, Dermot O’ Leary, has spoken out against the decision to replace Strictly Come Dancing judge, Arlene Phillips, with a younger star.

Alesha Dixon will be replacing Arlene in the next series of Strictly but fans of the show aren’t happy and neither is Dermot. He said of the change, “I’m really surprised because she was the person they hinged their credibility on.”

But we’re not too sure why he cares as the shows are competing in the ratings and Dermot has been quoted as saying, “…The people who work on Strictly take it all a bit too seriously – at the end of the day, it’s celebrities dancing.”

Arlene has provided the choreography for a number of high profile West End shows including We Will Rock You and Grease as well as the routines in the 1981 movie, Annie. While the BBC may think Arlene is over the hill, fans still maintain that she’s vital to the show’s success.

With most people accusing the Beeb of ageism (Arlene is 66 while Alesha is 30), Dermot still thinks that Arlene is a looker: “I think she’s a very beautiful woman. I think Arlene was the heartbeat of the show. She was their Simon,” he said.

Oooh. Dermot and Arlene sitting in a tree…

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