Celebrity Wife Swap – Ron Atkinson Review: Agony And Ivory

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CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP – RON ATKINSON: Sun 16 Aug, Channel 4, 8pm Alert Me

‘Big’ Ron Atkinson and Tessa Sanderson share a house for two weeks.  What wild and wacky adventures did they have?

None, as it turns out.

Olympic gold medalist Tessa and ex-football manager and commentator, Big Ron, lived together for two weeks and the most exciting thing that happened was Ron singing at the dinner table.

This episode brings no surprises; the new wife wants to clean and cook everything and the new husband is chauvinistic and stubborn.

This is one of the more boring spousal switches of the series.

In traditional wife swap stylee, the show put two couples together that are most likely to butt heads. You might recall a few years ago that Big Ron got into a spot of bother for a racist remark he made about a black football player. Something that doesn’t go unnoticed by Tessa.

When Tessa tries to broach the subject, instead of realising that this could have been a chance to reinvent his public image, Big Ron is overly defensive and barely lets Tessa get a word in edgeways. Unfortunately there’s no shouting or screaming so it’s not exactly a heated debate.

I’ve often found in the celebrity swaps that it’s the non-famous partners that are more interesting. They constantly live in the shadows, anonymously supporting their partners and taking no credit. In this case, Big Ron’s wife Maggie and Tessa’s husband, Densign, are the ones I wanted to watch.

The normal pair make a real effort to learn and explore their lifestyles and are the ones that take time to listen to each other. I’m tired of watching the mismatched celebrities living with each other; normal wife swap shows are much more interesting.

It’s always fun to nose around other people’s houses and it’s a kick to watch them struggle with a regime change, so spending two weeks in Big Ron’s is a bit of a treat. His house is rather palatial and his garden is extensive, so for Tessa it is a bit of a break for her normal, modest home.

Their time together mostly seemed like a mother and combative child; her struggle to get Ron to try a bit of salad was like watching an episode of Supernanny.

While they may have struggled with each other, Tessa seems to have made a real effect on Ron’s life in getting him to spend time with his friends more and get out into the community. Also, her own husband, Densign, has since become more affectionate and Ron and Maggie’s relationship has also become sweeter.

What a fairytale ending.

Emily Moulder

Scot says:

Well done, Ron. You came across as a really nice bloke – you certainly treat Maggie well. Tess was lovely too – but rather bossy and I wouldn’t’ve been as patient with her. Good on you, mate. Love to you and Maggie.

stevesmith says:

ron is a hero in sheffield a true gent please dont play the rasism card against him its just not right good luck to you and your wife ron shes lovely too ! would love to have a night out with you both im sure it would be be fantastic good luck to you both all the best steve