Sold?: Sex And The City Finally Condemned To The Toilet

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As a man who has been forced to sit through more than his fair share of Sex and the City, I was truly astounded when I saw this advert.

Not since Steve McClaren’s tenure as England manager has the nation seen something that was already exceptionally terrible, be so tangibly ruined further.

The creators obviously believed that an idea as mental as this one couldn’t possibly fail. Unfortunately, only the Die Hard universe operates that way, and this piece of s**t just leaves us well and truly jaw-dropped.

Woman A enters and immediately gives a thorough account of her painful visit to the toilet, luckily woman B has got some tablets in her bag which will solve the problem. In a pathetic attempt to add humour to this horrendous conversation, woman C informs us that she has just split up with her boyfriend.

Frankly, I can’t imagine he was that heart-broken.

So then girls, which of these morons do you identify with? The one who constantly chats about poo, the one who likes to give out advice on poo, or the one who can’t maintain a relationship?

For the first time in the history of casting four people were probably fighting over the one non-speaking role, sadly three of them lost and their fledgling careers will be forever soiled.

Of course this dialogue all takes place to the tune of a chronic version of the SATC jingle.

Meanwhile across town, as an advertising manager calls his team in for a very urgent meeting, he silently curses the fact that a revolver can only be fired six times before it needs to be reloaded…

Sean Marland

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OntheBox says:

Hands up – my fault (says Editor). I blame the Swine Flu (cough… splutter…)

Sarah says:

Sean, in the context you used it, the word you want is “careers”, not “career’s”. You need to sort your grammar out if you want to sound truly hard-hitting whilst you mock the efforts of others. 😉