Nip & Tuck – My Big Decision Review: Kids – Don’t Do Lipo

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NIP & TUCK: MY BIG DECISION: Thursday 13th August, BBC3, 9pm ALERT ME

As you may have guessed, Nip & Tuck: My Big Decision, is about a couple of teenagers who believe they need to go under the knife to get some precious confidence.

The only thing is – they’re not really fat.

However, an 18-year-old girl has about as much need for sense as an organised religion has for factual evidence, so that little detail is apparently irrelevant.

Nevertheless, in an age when young girls are having their perceptions of reality twisted beyond recognition by the likes of Jordan Price and Hot magazine, such a programme is important. Quite boring – but important.

Will they go through with it or will they see sense and decide to get a gym membership? Get out the campervan, we better go on a five-day road-trip to find out.

Natasha and Sam are a pair of teenagers who have about as much need for liposuction as Amy Winehouse, but by god they’re keen to shape up.

Unfortunately they haven’t been keen enough to actually bother doing much in the way of exercise, so now if they want to drop a jean size, they have got it into their heads that the only option available to them is surgery.

We find out that such operations start at around £2,000 in the UK, and a predictably high percentage of teenage girls are considering them.

That figure may seem like a lot of money, but what Sam hasn’t realised is that if she reduced her cheese based purchases for a couple of months, she would easily be able to afford one of these ops and have change for a boob-job.

Anyway, the girls and their mothers travel up and down the land, gauging opinions of psychologists, liposuction veterans and personal trainers. Pretty much everyone thinks it’s a bad idea.

They also witness a grim-looking procedure in the flesh, and look a bit off-colour afterwards. I don’t blame them because it seemed brutal.

Its hard to condemn this programme because it conveys a very positive message to young girls everywhere, the only problem is that any who were watching probably wouldn’t have made it to the end.

There is a quite heart-warming finale as both teenagers elect to tone-up the natural way and grow a bit closer to their pretty sensible mothers.

However it’s all nearly as dry as a cheese-cracker.

Sean Marland

Clever Jordan already knows all about cosmetic surgery so instead of watching this programme she set up her own production company. Click right here to find out more.