Dolce Vito – Dream Restaurant Review: Appetite for Construction

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DOLCE VITO – DREAM RESTAURANT: Thursday 13th August, Channel 4, 8:30pm Alert Me

If what we watch on telly is anything to go by, it seems that as a nation we are becoming increasingly proud of our British cuisine.

In our droves we tuned into Great British Menu, Rosemary Shrager’s Cooking School, that other one on ITV…

No, we believe that nowhere else in the world holds a match for our Bubble and Squeak, our Yorkshire Puddings, and our Haggis’, though unfortunately those on the mainland continue to scoff at (rather than scoff on) our gastronomic marvels.

Enter Vito Cataffo, an Italian-born, British-bred restaurateur and entrepreneur who we can now watch on a quest to open a British restaurant in Italy.

That’s right, Vito is so convinced that British food is the best in the world that he wants to open a restaurant in Italy, the land that declares itself the birthplace of Western cuisine. To serve food from the country that created turkey twizzlers and Little Chef (and had the gall to call it Little “Chef?).

He’s an eccentric little man with a touch of market caller in him whose enthusiasm is summed up by the first shot we get of him where he grunts orgasmically at some Italian munch he’s just sampled.

Already owning a string of successful Italian restaurants in the UK, Vito is so passionate about our grub he’s pouring 3 million of his own British pounds into the project.

We watch him travelling Italy’s length and breadth to find the perfect location for his eatery, which he will strive to make a foodie destination. He returns home every so often to source the finest culinary fare Great Britain can offer.

So what tasty treats does our homeland offer? This week, in the first in the series, Vito meets with an artisan cheese producer to get the best cheddar, overseeing the method by which the cheese is made.

He also heads to Modena, the region of which brought us the delights of Spaghetti Bolognese, Parma ham and Parmasan cheese, to look for his restaurant. It all seems simple enough at first, but it promises to be a tough journey for Vito as he is soon to encounter the picky palettes of the Italians and the “bloody Roman dinosaur? of the dreaded “red tape?. It looks like it’s going to get a bit ‘No Going Back’. With sausages.

Good end-of-the-week comfort viewing that’ll drum up an appetite.

Leonie Mercedes

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Mary says:

I find la Dolce Vito an appalling program, Vito is loud, disgusting to watch, I have many italian friends, but none of them has that “fish market” attitude, screaming and shouting to express a simple thought.
Can’t you find something more decent and appropriate to show on TV?

Disgusting, non wonder Italy has a bad reputation.. the worse examples go on TV!