King Of The Hill Bows Out

August 11, 2009 by  
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It has been announced that long-running (yes, still running) animated comedy King of the Hill will bow out after 13 seasons with an hour-long finale next month.

Mike Judge’s 20th TV-produced series, first aired in 1997 and like its animated Fox counterpart has been cancelled to be later reinstated once before. The show revolves around beer-swigging propane salesman Hank Hill and his family.

In the final episode, named The Boy Can’t Help It/The Honeymooners, the Hill’s teenage son Bobby is teased by the girls in his class as they pretend to be interested in inviting him to the Homecoming dance.

Meanwhile, Hank’s mother announces she is marrying a man she has known for only a few weeks, later taking an RV to the Hill household for their honeymoon.

It was good while it lasted (on this side of the Atlantic). The question now is whether Mike Judge has anything new in the pipeline…