The Bill’s Revamp Fails

August 10, 2009 by  
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While we knew we would miss those feet strolling down the cobbles to that memorable theme tune, we were kind of looking forward to the revamp of The Bill (check out our interview with the stars here).

Unfortunately it’s all gone horribly wrong for the police drama.  After doing respectable business for its first episode – 4.5 million viewers – the numbers fell to 3.9 million just one week later.

With a look that’s now more akin to Law and Order, The Bill’s been moved to 9pm in order to appear harder hitting and less like a wobbly walled soap. While the second episode did beat Hotel Babylon and Big Brother, it was still a disappointment to ITV who had spent a lot of money on giving it music and dramatic pauses.

The news adds to the problems of ITV who have recently reported half year losses of over £100 million.  With ad revenues down and the current economic climate we aren’t surprised.

In retrospect they probably should have gone cheaper, like Acorn Antiques and Mrs. Overalls as a detective.