Shield Creator Gets New Show On Fox

August 10, 2009 by  
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The Shield creator Shawn Ryan’s new show Ridealong has been handed pilot commitment by 20th TV.

The new show will be set in Chicago and will focus on law enforcement on the street, a step away from the police stations of The Shield.

Sounds like the cops are going to be as corrupt as Mackey et al.

Ryan said: “The show is being done through the various (forces’) windshields – from cops to uniformed detectives to the new female chief of police,” Ryan said. “Their cars are their offices, so we should be out in the streets a ton.”

He continued: “I always knew I wanted to go back to the cop arena but with a markedly different approach, not just do a network version of The Shield… I think I’ve found a way to do a unique cop show with Ridealong.”

Ryan, who will write and executive produce the show, plans to include intersperses of Chicago history, intertwining the exploits of Al Capone and Richard Daley’s political machine with today’s politics.