New Series Of Inside Nature’s Giants! Hurrah!

August 10, 2009 by  
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Channel 4 has commissioned a second series of the entrail-tastic animal autopsy show Inside Natures Giants.

C4 science commissioning editor David Glover wants to scrap the lecture hall for the series, in favour of dissecting the animals in their natural habitat. He’s keen to find a giant squid – ooh! – and a great white shark – oh my!

He said that the whale episode in the last series, which was set on a beach, worked best for him because it made the show into a “natural format?, adding: “Factual theatre is a way of spending your budget like a fireworks display, all in one afternoon. There was a timeline of the tides coming out. It was an amazing thing to see on location and a number of locals and tourists swarmed around to watch it. It was a perfect natural event. I’d like, in general, to do things that are less static.?

With no number of episodes in mind, he added: “Hopefully you’ll be in the savannah with a dead whatever-it-is and a pack of hyenas prowl around while people with shotguns protect the presenters?.

We can’t wait here at OTB.

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