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LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: Wednesday 5th August, Channel 4, 8pm Alert Me

Its return every year is inevitable.

That empty feeling inside upon the realisation that yes, merely one week into August, the British summer is once again well and truly over.

But kick up your heels. Thankfully, and equally inevitably, Kirstie and Phil are back.

This week our house hunters are nearly newlyweds, searching for homes in which to start a family. But you probably guessed that.

Martine and Nick are looking for a home with a “sense of community?. Accessibility is important, after the London bombings left Martine disabled. Nick is after an office for his photography work. Modest enough. 

On the flipside are Dina and Pradeep, who strike fear into the heart of Kirstie in confessing they’ve seen and rejected 30-50 houses already, after growing out of their Finchley flat.

And here come the characters. Princess Dina is brutally frank from the off, admitting she is willing to pull out all the stops to get her way. She wants the “wow factor?, a house her friends will be jealous of. Pradeep nods.

So off K ‘n’ P go, with Blackberries and Property pages in tow, eating croissants off the bonnet of a car in the idyllic English countryside as they ponder the vital (if sometimes nebulous) search criteria.

They ring up the estate agents in a conversation that could only go: “Does the property have the wow factor? Scale of one to 10? Does it fill you with envy, or make you want to cheat on your own house? How would you rate the sense of community??

So they’ve done all the groundwork there. But if the place doesn’t “feel right? to the client upon viewing, they’re out on their arse. Happily the duo excels at seeking out that ominous wow factor, which is why we love them so much.

They are on form as ever banter-wise. Even though by now, it must be fairly self-conscious, it still works. These two are very, very much in love.

Location x3 is always going to work. It may be the same thing over and over but it never fails to hit the spot even after nine years. It satisfies the nosy parker in all of us, and comforting to watch normal people doing normal things.

It’s hardly groundbreaking television (pending building extensions aside, ho ho), but you might take away some financial expertise or a more rounded knowledge of East Anglian geography, which might come in handy.

Like a big comfy chair.

Leonie Mercedes

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