Holly Willoughby To Miss This Morning Launch

August 5, 2009 by  
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Holly Willoughby was all set to take over from morning TV powerhouse, Fern Britton, but now it looks like she will miss This Morning’s relaunch show. Oh, what a shame.

Holly is scheduled to fly out with the X Factor team to film her own behind the scenes show, The Xtra Factor. But jetting off abroad for singing in the sun will clash with her debut on morning TV. Her appearance on This Morning is set to boost viewing figures, especially with all the 14 year old boys that will be bunking off school to, um, enjoy the programme.

We’re not entirely sure how Miss Wallaby got the job in the first, but we’re guessing it had nothing to do with her personality because, well, she doesn’t have one.

If we were puzzled at how Holly got one job, imagine our confusion as to how she got two. Holly and her boobs are really looking forward to sitting next to Phillip ‘Silver Fox’ Schofield and has said, “This Morning has always been the ultimate dream job for me.”

A source close to Holly (we’re hoping not too close) had this to say about the situation: “There are scheduling conflicts. We knew this when Holly signed for This Morning but ITV have been great about it.”