Danny Dyer Packs In Presenting

August 5, 2009 by  
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Tired of being slated by critics and viewers alike, “media personality� (ask Wikipedia) Danny Dyer has announced he will be quitting the TV presenting lark once and for all.

After the car crash that was Deadliest Men, Dyer has decided he will focus on securing movie roles.

He told Zoo magazine: “I’m never doing TV presenting again,” adding: “I filmed my last bit of Deadliest last week and it’s over.

“You need a thick skin, I don’t mind if my films get slagged off because it’s a part I’m playing but when people are digging me out for who I am it hurtsâ€?.

Earlier this year, Dyer was tipped for a part in Eastenders following a meeting with John Yorke, controller of BBC drama production. He later claimed that he turned the part down.

It eventually surfaced that producers were confused over Dyer’s remarks, confirming that he had only arranged one meeting, one that did not bear fruit.

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